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Temporary Banner Request

  1. Location of Temporary Sign*
  2. Will the sign be located across a public street?*
  3. A photograph of the building façade which indicates an accurate location of the sign to be placed on the building façade or plot plan showing an accurate location on the property shall be submitted with this BANNER REQUEST. BANNERS ACROSS SPRINGFIELD AVENUE AND PLAINFIELD AVENUE REQUIRE A CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE AND A HOLD HARMLESS AND IDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT. ***BANNER SHOULD INCLUDE CARABINER SNAP HOOKS AND ROPE FOR HANGING***
  4. Upload any diagrams. graphics, illustration, or photo of the sign and its contents including dimensions and area.
  5. If the Applicant is NOT the owner of the building, structure or land to which, or upon which, the sign is to be erected please upload written consent of the owner.
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