Municipal Complex Updates

Municipal Complex Construction Forecast

Review the Municipal Complex Construction Forecast documents in the archive center.

Parking Changes

Fall 2018 Parking Updates & Map

Redevelopment Updates

Summary of Planned and Proposed Developments

Berkeley Heights has a number of approved and planned redevelopment and development projects underway.  All projects include state-mandated affordable housing to keep the Township in compliance with state-mandated affordable housing requirements. 

This summary shows the planned and proposed developments as of July 22, 2019.  It is meant as a way to help residents understand how the Township has responded to the state-mandated requirements.  Please note that the information contained in this document, including the status of any project, is regularly changing.  This status is a point-in-time view only, and will continue to be updated.

Summary of Planned and Proposed Redevelopment & Development as of July, 2019

Previously Published Redevelopment Resources