All of these developments are part of the Township's 

state-mandated affordable housing obligation

Redevelopment Updates

Redevelopment October 2019

(01) Berkeley Crossing
(02) The Terrace at Berkeley Heights
(03) Stratton House
(04) Former Hotel Property
(05) Millcreek
(06) Woodcrest at Berkeley Heights
(07) Toll Brothers Luxury Townhomes
(08) Elite Properties Project
(10) Connell Development

Summary of Planned and Proposed Developments

Berkeley Heights has a number of approved and planned redevelopment and development projects underway.  All projects include state-mandated affordable housing to keep the Township in compliance with state-mandated affordable housing requirements. 

This map shows each planned and proposed development, its current name along with its "known as" name which will be familiar to some residents.

For details about each planned and proposed development, including details about the plan and it's current status, please see the page set up for each of the projects.  Each page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Click here to read the Mount Laurel history to better understand the affordable housing mandates for Berkeley Heights and New Jersey

Redevelopment Resources