Applying for a Bingo License

To apply for a bingo license follow the raffle instructions, however the Bingo License Application must be used in lieu of the Raffle Application. When completing the Bingo Application, please note the following:

  • Part A: General
    • If the applicant does not own the premises they must either:
      • Attach Form 10-A (Statement of Landlord)
      • Attach a Letter of Donation from landlord for use of facility
      • Must provide State ID Number
  • Part B: Schedule of Expenses
    • Any expenses for items purchased or rented should be listed
    • Bingo supplies must be purchased from a licensed supplier. A list of licensed suppliers can be found on the state’s website.
  • Part C: Schedule of Purposes
    • Proceeds can never be given to an individual or family
    • This section must be signed
  • Part D: Schedule of Prizes
    • Cost to play
    • List the exact price and retail value
    • Number of Bingo Faces / Sheet
    • Tiebreaker Regulations


Applicant should attach a Schedule of Games. For EACH game to be played this must list:

  • Time
  • Game Number
  • Type of Game
  • Prize
  • Retail Value

For example...

TimeGame NumberType of GamePrizeRetail Value
7:00 p.m.1Any type lineCash$100.00
7:15 p.m.2Outside borderCash$150.00
7:30 p.m.34 CornersCash$200.00
8:00 p.m.4Full boardCash$500.00

Multiple Winners

If multiple winners call bingo at the same time, they must split the prize.