Spring Chipping Program starts April 3, 2023 

The Spring Chipping Program in Berkeley Heights will commence on April 3, 2023.

All branches must be out for pick-up on the first day of the schedule for your section. Absolutely no branches will be collected once a section is completed. Residents are advised that there will be no more than one pick-up per household. There will be no exceptions to the published schedule. 

Branches should be placed in neat piles at curbside with large diameter cut-ends towards the street. The largest size branches shall be limited to four (4) inches in diameter. Short branches under two feet in length will not be accepted.

Lumber, Building Materials, Fence Posts, Leaves, Roots, Stumps, Briars, Vines, Decayed Branches and other debris which can damage the chipper WILL NOT be accepted. Material of this nature will be left for your disposal. 

Residents are advised that this program is for yard branch clean up only and is not intended to be used as a tree disposal program. Residents are not to have trees cut down and placed at the curb for pickup with this program. If this happens, the piles will be rejected and left for your disposal. 

Please contact Public Works with any questions prior to putting out your branches. You can email with any questions or concerns at jmcmahon@bhtwp.com or jgraziano@bhtwp.com or you can call 908-464-2700 ext. 2167.

There have been instances where metal items such as posts, wire and metal bands were found mixed with the brush. This can cause severe injury to employees and damage to equipment. Should metal be found, the pile will be rejected. Branches should be placed at curbside prior to the first scheduled date of pick-up in your section.


Section              Pick-up Date                          

Section 3            April 3-14                     

Section 4            April 17-28       

Section 5            May 1-12                       

Section 1            May 15-26                  

Section 2            May 30-June 9                   

Township Sections

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