Fall Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection Only (Branches will be picked up in the Spring)  

Please put leaves in paper biodegradable bags curb side before the first scheduled date for your section. Plastic bags will NOT be accepted. Please do NOT block catch basins or sidewalks. Please DO NOT stack leaf bags on your driveway. DPW will not go onto your driveway. We use a process of loading the leaves into a compacting truck body in order to clean an area safely and efficiently. Please do not include any other type of debris in your leaf bags. No bags will be collected once a section is completed. There will be no exceptions to the published schedule.  


  • Branches
  • Lumber
  • Building Materials
  • Fence Posts
  • Roots
  • Stumps
  • Briars
  • Vines
  • Metal
  • Grass
  • Flowers
  • Rocks

Any material of the above will be left for your disposal. This program is for leaf pick up only and is not intended to be used as a tree disposal program. Residents should not have trees cut down and placed at the curb for pickup with this program. If this happens, the piles will be rejected and left for your disposal. Please contact Public Works with any questions prior to putting out your leaf bags at 908-464-2700, ext. 2167


 Section              1st pickup                            2nd pickup

Section 1            October 21-25                      November 25-29

Section 2            October 28-November 1       December 2-6

Section 3            November 4-8                       December 9-13

Section 4            November 11-15                   December 16-20  

Section 5            November 18-22                   December 23-31

Township Sections

To view a breakdown of sections by road list please visit the Township Sections by Street Name page.

If you live on a County Road, the following is the schedule when the County will be picking up your leaves on or about:

County Road                   1st pickup                  2nd pickup

Diamond Hill Road          November 1               December 2

McMane Ave                   November 1               December 2

Valley Road                    November 1                December 2

Glenside Avenue            November 1                December 2

Mountain Avenue           November 1                December 4

Horseshoe Road            November 1                December 4

Bonnie Burn Road         November 1                 December 4

Plainfield Avenue           November 1                 December 4

Springfield Avenue         November 4                 December 6