Division Overview

The Criminal Investigation Division conducts follow-up investigations of all criminal matters committed by or against adults. Detectives assigned to this division also initiate criminal investigations through the use of informants and other investigative tools. They review all police reported incidents and correlate information as it may pertain to open investigations.

They work closely with neighboring police agencies as well as county, state and federal law enforcement agencies and is led by Lt. Edward Gaffney.

Identification Bureau

The Identification Bureau is a unit within the Criminal Investigations Division. The need for this function is predicated by the fact that when a criminal act occurs and is reported, all facts pertinent to the identification of the actor may not be available. Additional investigation is required in order to understand fully the scope of the criminal act, identify the actor or actors responsible and develop information for a successful prosecution. 

Community Demands

The community demands that criminals be brought to justice to answer for their crimes and offenses. In accordance with the stated needs the Criminal Investigation Division, within the constraints of available time and manpower, is charged with these additional


Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develop and maintain sources of intelligence information pertaining to criminal activity within the jurisdiction of the Berkeley Heights Police Department
  • Develop, secure and store evidence relating to criminal matters
  • Dispose of evidence and property held by the Berkeley Heights Police Department
  • Investigate, apprehend and prosecute juvenile offenders
  • Obtain and execute search warrants
  • Obtain and store stolen property
  • Perform other investigatory duties as assigned (e.g. pre-employment background investigations, ABC license investigations, firearms applications investigations)
  • Prepare investigated cases for prosecution and assist in their prosecution
  • Any other duties and responsibilities as designated by the Chief of Police or as outlined in the General/Special Orders of the Berkeley Heights Police Department


Under the command of Division Commander, Lieutenant Edward Gaffney are the following investigators:

  • Detective Sergeant Brian Nigro
  • Corporal Detective Patrick Moran
  • Detective Anthony Triguero