Apply for a Marriage / Civil Union License

Due to COVID-19, ALL Vital Statistic Requests are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  

Please call 908-464-2700 x 2114 OR email to schedule.

To apply for a Marriage or Civil Union License DURING THE COVID Pandemic.....

  1. Complete the Marriage / Remarriage / Civil Union License Application
    • Complete all of Page 1
    • Social Security Numbers on the bottom of Page 2
  2. Send or drop off the following to the Office of Vital Statistics:
    • Completed Application
    • Copy of EACH applicant’s Current and Valid Photo id (ie. driver’s license or passport)
      Mail to:
      Township of Berkeley Heights
      Attn: Vital Statistics
      29 Park Avenue
      Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
      Drop off:
      Township of Berkeley Heights
      A black and yellow bin is located in the vestibule of the MAIN entrance of the NEW building
      Attn: Vital Statistics
  3. Registrar will review your application and ID to confirm the following:
    • Application is filled out completely and accurately
    • Application is legible
    • ID is current and valid
    • ID matches the application EXACTLY (first, middle, and last name, address, and date of birth)
  4. Once the paperwork is received, Registrar will contact you to schedule your appointment.  At that appointment, Registrar will:
    • Complete the application process
    • Issue the Marriage License


When completing the application:

  • You MUST provide a "clean" application.  There can be no markups, no cross-outs and no whiteout.
  • When the application asks for parents’ names, it must be your mother’s name at her birth. 
  • If your birth name (name that is on your birth certificate) does not EXACTLY match your name as it appears on your identification, then on the application you must enter your birth name in Box 1 and you must enter your name as it appears on your id in Box 1a under Current Name.
  • If your license does not have your current address you must also provide a copy of the confirmation from Motor Vehicle Commission which shows your change of address.


Important to note about the process:

  • Due to the current Covid situation, the Governor has issued an Executive Order allowing the Marriage License to be provided anytime following the completion of the application process.  In order to issue the License immediately following the application process, all documents must be provided in advance of the appointment.   This allows time to prepare the actual license. 
  • Once the marriage license is issued, it is valid for 90 days. 
  • Once you are married you must formally request a Certified Copy of your Marriage License. It will not automatically be produced for you. This request must be made through the Local Registrar in the Municipality where the marriage took place OR the State office.