Tax Collector


The Tax Collector’s office collects taxes and sewer charges and enforces timely payments, delivers delinquency notices, calculates interest on delinquencies and holds tax sales.

Tax Due Dates

Due Date for Taxes, there is a 10 day grace period:

  • 1st Quarter: February 1
  • 2nd Quarter: May 1  
  • 3rd Quarter: August 1
  • 4th Quarter: November 1

2019 Certified Tax Rate

2019 Certified Tax Rate is 4.177 per $100 of assessed value

Tax Dollars

Tax dollars are used in the following ways:

  • County 23.4%
  • Library 1.5%
  • Municipal 18%
  • School 57.1%

Veterans & Senior Citizens

Veterans and senior citizens may be eligible for a tax deduction of $250. Please contact the Tax Assessor’s office for more information.

Pay By Mail

Mail your check to Tax Collector, 29 Park Avenue, Berkeley Heights NJ 07922 or you can drop it off in the Santa mailbox located inside vestibule of the new Town Hall Building M-F 8:30-4. Township Mailbox

Automated & Online Tax Payment Options

The Township offers resident two options for online Property Tax payments: scheduled automated direct withdrawals and one-time online payments.

ACH Direct Withdrawal Program

This program offers residents a convenient way to pay municipal Property Tax bills. It allows residents to preauthorize payments of their municipal charges directly from their checking or savings account via electronic funds transfer.  

There is no fee associated with this service, and residents don’t need to worry about remembering to pay these taxes. The amount due will be automatically debited from the participant’s chosen account.

Direct Tax Withdrawal Program

Online Tax Payments

Making your tax payment online is fast, easy, and safe. In just a few minutes, your transaction will be complete. You can choose to pay by a Checking Account ACH Payment (e-Check) or by a Credit Card Payment. There is a fee of $1.05 for ACH transactions and 2.95% of the tax payment for credit card transactions.  Beginning Nov15, 2020 the ACH fee will increase to $1.95

Online Tax Payments