Application Forms

Construction Permit / Jacket

All Building Departments in the State of New Jersey are required to use state application forms. Each application is required to have a “jacket” which is referred to as the Construction Permit Application page.

If you are looking to add an addition to your/a home, you may be subject to a COAH development fee. This includes expanding the footprint of your home (expanding "out) as well as building "up" (i.e. adding a second floor)

As per “Article 4.7 - Affordable Housing Development Fees” of the Township Code, which is the Township’s Court approved Affordable Housing Development Fee Ordinance that was adopted on November 6, 2017, a development fee is imposed on residents looking to put additions on their homes, and on developers constructing residential developments. An overview of the collection of affordable housing development fees to be deposited in the Township’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund can be found here.

Sub-Code Technical Applications

The page also contains the separate sub-code technical applications for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire information that need to be filled out as needed for your proposed project.

Project Matrix

View sample projects & permits required for each project here 

Verification Forms

If part of the application involves the installation of a water heater or heating appliances, you will also need to have a professional complete Form UCC-F370-Chimney Verification for replacement of Fuel Fired Equipment and submit it with the application. The homeowner is not permitted to complete this form.


Please note the instructions from the DCA advise the applicant to submit three copies of each application.

Berkeley Heights requires only one copy of each application.

If the homeowner is intending to prepare his/her own plans or perform his/her own plumbing or electrical work as part of the proposed project he/she will need to complete the Certification in Lieu of Oath shown below.

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