Solicitor / Canvasser / Peddler Permits

Peddlers and Solicitors ARE  regulated by the Township of Berkeley Heights

Anyone wishing to sell merchandise or services from door to door or to engage in solicitation or canvassing MUST obtain a license.  All Solicitor licenses issued by the Township are valid through December 31st of the application year ONLY.  Solicitors must reapply each year.


Please Note:  There are certain groups and/or causes which are exempt from the requirement of a license.

To apply for a Permit, click the Solicitor/Canvasser/Peddler Application.

Once a Solicitor is licensed, they are issued the following item which should be with the Solicitor as they make their way through the Township.

  • License
  • Official Berkeley Heights Name Badge – with Picture
  • Copy of the Berkeley Height No Knock List

To read the complete Ordinance for the Township of Berkeley Heights, CLICK HERE.

Notice for Residents

If a Solicitor comes to your door, you should always ask to see their Name Badge.  All licensed Solicitors are REQUIRED to wear their name badge.  The Official Berkeley Heights Name Badge provides you with the following information about the licensed Solicitor:  Picture, Company Name & Address, Solicitor Name & Address, Issue Date, Expiration Date and the signature of the Township Clerk.



Opting Out of Solicitations

Berkeley Heights does have a No Knock Ordinance.  This means that the Township maintains a registry of addresses for which Solicitors are prohibited.  All licensed Solicitors are provided a copy of the current Berkeley Heights No Knock List when they receive their license.


Addresses can only be ADDED or REMOVED by written request (click here to submit a request).  If you’re not sure whether your address is on the list, feel free to contact the Township Clerk’s Office.



Reporting Issues with Solicitors

The Township wants to know if any issues or concerns with Solicitors.  All issues should be reported to the Berkeley Heights Police Non-Emergency number (908-464-1111).