Road Projects

April 27, 2021

Ferndale Drive, Hastings Road & Greenbriar Drive areas - Wednesday 4/28/2021 thru Friday 4/30/2021 - Ferndale Drive, Hastings Road & Greenbriar Drive will be under construction for road resurfacing. Please use caution while in the area. This road project originally included some minor drainage work along with road repaving, but after the subcontractors started digging, the groundwater levels were higher than anticipated. Therefore, more drainage is being added to this project to protect the integrity of the road sub-base and the asphalt itself. Contracts would like to pave soon but that may need to be slightly pushed back to install sufficient drainage. This job also includes spot curbing and concrete work for ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Fairfax, Windsor & Tudor project - The Township is going out to bid to get a contractor to work on this project; the bid is to be awarded by the Township Council at its May 18th meeting. Work is to begin shortly after; preliminary survey work has already been completed. This project includes:

  • Full reconstruction of streets
  • Fairfax from Park Avenue to Mountain Park Elementary School will get all new curbing, new drainage installation, new sub-base and new asphalt 
  • All new sidewalks will be installed from Park Avenue to Mountain Park on Fairfax Drive - new concrete will replace worn and deteriorating asphalt
  • Tudor and Windsor will have some minor drainage work done, consisting of underground pipe and basis; the rest of this area will see milling and paving completed

Cottage Street - The same contractor who is working on the Hastings, Greenbriar and Ferndale-area project is also going to complete the Cottage Street project. When they come to mill and pave the Hastings, etc. area, they will finish the work on Cottage. 

Plainfield Ave near Cottage Street - Our DPW Director, who is also the DPW Director at Union County, has met with the BHPD on potential ways to slow down traffic and make drivers more aware of pedestrians crossing Plainfield Ave near Cottage Street and Memorial Park. He has requested the Union County Traffic Bureau look at this area and come up with some traffic calming suggestions. 

Plainfield Avenue Sidewalk Project - The Township received a Safe Streets to Transit Award for $410,000 Safe Streets to Transit grant in 2019 for a sidewalk improvement project primarily along Plainfield Avenue, running up to Mountain Avenue. This project will start when school is out; homeowners along the project route will receive letters and/or other forms of notification advising them of the work, and/or if trees need to be removed in their area of residence to complete the project 

Train Station Parking Lot - The Township Council recently approved the contractor to repave the train station parking lot. However, since those plans were prepared, plans have slightly changed and we have asked New Jersey Transit for permission to do additional electrical trenching to add more lighting to the far (West) side of the parking lot. We are currently waiting for NJ Transit to give us the green light for this additional work. We hope to get the job done this summer. 

Riceman, Powderhorn & Sawmill - These roads will be repaved with grant money awarded to the Township; we received $345,000 from the state 2021 State Department of Transportation grant; the rest of the money will be funded through capital funding. 

Glenside Road area - The Township in April was awarded $62,000 from the Union County Board of County Commissioners as part of the 2021 Infrastructure and Municipal Aid Grant. The money will fund drainage improvements at Glenside Avenue and various additional locations The project specifically includes: 

  • Design and installation of storm sewer facilities
  • installation of proper surface drainage as well as sub-subface drainage, to remediate constant water leaks, which turn to ice in cold weather
  • Milling resurfacing and roadway restoration of Glenside Road, near Hunterdon Blvd. 

The Township must approve funds, which are included in the 2021 budget, for the municipal portion of the project; we anticipate awarding the bid to the do work in Summer 2021. 

Additional Projects

Once the Township Council adopts the 2021 budget, we can provide more information on additional road projects for 2021.