Historic Preservation Committee

The Historic Preservation Committee is an advisory committee created to assist the Township's tracking and analyzing of current historic landmarks, making recommendations for the preservation and acquisition of historic sites, assist in projects for historic preservation or for obtaining preservation funding via grants and sponsor fund-raising activities pertaining to historic preservation.


The Committee will meet monthly in accordance with a schedule established in January.  Meetings may be open to the public at the sole discretion of the committee.  The Committee may make and amend rules and regulations concerning the conduct of its meetings.


The Historic Preservation Committee shall consist of at least five (5) members and no more than nine (9) members.  Volunteer members are appointed by the Mayor for a three year term with the advice and consent of the council.  Governing body member is appointed via resolution of the Council.

  • John Foster              12/31/23
  • Amalia Canovas        12/31/23
  • Camille Mazzucco     12/31/23
  • Louisa Grossman      12/31/25
  • Brian Bernstein          12/31/24
  • Sean Kane                   12/31/24
  • Lisa DiMichelle           12/31/24
  • Karen Cassels            12/31/24 
  • OPEN                            12/31/23
  • OPEN                            12/31/23