Sanitary Control of Animals -- Keeping of Animals Prohibited

A. No person shall own or sustain livestock, fowl, wild or exotic animals within the township except as provided in Section 8.68.400. No person shall own or sustain animals prohibited under this chapter on his or her property.

B. Killing, skinning or dressing of any animal intended for food for sale is prohibited without permission from the Board of Health except for in-season wild animal or game killed or captured by a legally licensed sport hunter for personal use.

C. No person shall conduct, maintain or operate a business for the sale of live poultry or animals or engage in the business or private practice of slaughtering and preparing poultry or animals for consumption or sale.

D. Pigeons, chickens, ducks, geese or other fowl, shall not be kept for domestic use.

E. No roosters shall be kept within the township. (Ord. dated 12/15/03. BH3-2010 7, 10-14-2010)

F.  No horses, cows, goats, chickens, poultry swine, livestock, fowl, wild or exotic animals, or other non-domesticated animal shall be kept within the corporate limits of the township, nor shall more than five dogs and/or cats be kept within the township, without first obtaining a permit from the board of health by presenting a statement with an application for the permit. If approved, the permit shall be issued by the board of health for one year for a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).