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Help Make Berkeley Heights More Beautiful: Plant a Tree

As the residents of New Jersey rebuild their communities to counter the effects of storms like Superstorm Sandy, the New Jersey Tree Recovery campaign and the Arbor Day Foundation are working to bring back the beauty of the tree line. The trees, seedlings acquired through the New Jersey Tree Recovery campaign, will be distributed on Saturday, April 22 to Berkeley Heights residents.

The seedlings are free, but you must sign up in advance. Directions for planting will be included. Please click the link below and complete the sign-up form. The Environmental Commission will contact you with distribution details.

Free Tree Seedlings Sign-Up Form


Columbia Middle School, semi-circular driveway


Saturday, April 22, 2023, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(or until supplies last)


The documents below show the tree species available and planting instructions. Please review them thoroughly before the pickup date and have your tree choices ready when you drive up. We ask that you are prepared with second and third choices, as supplies are limited and some species may run out sooner than others. We encourage you to take multiple seedlings or species and you are welcome to share them with others.

If you have questions that will help you choose your species, please email them to before the pickup date and we will do our best to answer them ahead of time. This is an effort to maintain the flow of curbside pickup.

Environmental Commission Co-Chair and Master Gardener Richard Leister will be available to answer questions, but we respectfully ask residents to keep the line moving. To protect all parties, please have your mask on.


All volunteers will be wearing masks to keep all parties safe. We respectfully request that all residents wear their masks when interacting with any volunteers. Masks must cover your mouth and nose. Volunteers will also be maintaining a minimum six-foot distance from residents at all times.

  • Upon entering the Columbia Middle School semi-circular driveway, please pull up to the first set of volunteers to your left that will be holding iPads.
  • One volunteer will approach the driver’s side of your vehicle and maintain a minimum six-foot distance. Please lower your driver’s side window and inform the volunteer of your full name, so the volunteer can verify your name against the list of residents who signed up.
  • Once verified, the volunteer will ask for your tree species preferences and amounts (if you’d like more than one). They will enter this information into the iPad and inform the next group of volunteers of your preferences.
  • You will be asked to drive to the pick-up point and open your trunk once you are there. If your vehicle has the feature to open and close the trunk by remote, please use it so that you don’t need to exit your vehicle. Another volunteer will place your seedlings into the trunk and you will be asked to close your own trunk.
  • We respectfully request that all residents promptly exit the driveway after receiving their seedlings, so that we can safely maintain the flow of residents that will be coming to pick up their seedlings.

Thank you for participating and enjoy your tree seedlings!

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New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign Partners:

NJ Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program,
NJ Forest Nursery, New Jersey Soil Conservation Districts,
Arbor Day Foundation, FedEx, Texpo Energy