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All applications pertaining to New Jersey Firearms are now done online through the New Jersey FARS Portal and New Jersey Conceal Carry Portal. Any party applying for an initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, Concealed Carry Permit, application to purchase a handgun, change of Name on Identification Card, change of address on Identification Card, change of Sex on Identification Card, or an Electronic Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (for duplicate or lost Identification Card) must use the portal to complete their application.
Clicking the links below will direct you to the New Jersey FARS Portal or New Jersey Conceal Carry Portal, where you may begin the application process. Please enter the correct ORI for The Berkeley Heights Police (NJ0200100) when prompted.

Effective December 22, 2022, Firearms fees set by the State of New Jersey:

$25.00 Per handgun permit

$50.00 Initial Firearms Identification Card

No Fee for Duplicate / Change or Lost Firearms Identification Card

$150.00 NJ Carry permit (paid online through the Berkeley Heights Township portal)

$50.00 Carry Permit paid through NJ Carry Permit Portal during the application process


Applicants who have not been fingerprinted for firearms purposes (NJ Firearms Code 2F164B) in New Jersey before must make an appointment with IdentoGO to get fingerprinted.
The New Jersey State Police Firearms Unit also maintains an informative webpage that answers frequently asked questions about firearms laws. You may access their webpage by clicking this link :  
Firearms Information | New Jersey State Police (
If you have additional questions, please contact the Berkeley Heights Police Firearms Clerk Marc Gottlick at 908-464-1111 x 6 or


Berkeley Heights ORI # NJ0200100

 Links To Apply:

NJ Handgun Permit and Firearms ID Application

Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit (


NJ Concealed Carry Permit Application

Concealed Carry Permits (


The online application is applicant-driven. Please ensure you have entered the best phone numbers and email addresses for yourself and your references. The falsification of any information on any application or related document is a crime of the third degree under N.J.S. 2C: 39-10.C.

Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) Protocol

Memorandum September 15, 2023