Master Plan Project 2019-2020

Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan outlines a community's vision of its future and the process to realize that vision.  At its core, the Mast Plan forms the policy foundation for the Township's land use regulations and planning decisions and serves as a guide for elected officials, municipal staff, business owners, community residents, and potential investors to make informed decision in community development affecting land use, transportation, natural resources, and other factors that shape the build environment and quality of life

Public Participation

Public participation and stakeholder input are key to a successful Master Plan.  Throughout the year, the Township will be holding different public events to gather the community's thoughts on the vision for Berkeley Heights and the specific issues and opportunities facing the Township.  The input from community outreach will be incorporated into the Master Plan, and the community will be invited to review and provide comment on draft documents before the Master Plan's final adoption.

Stakeholder Interviews Conducted - Status

in March, 2019, stakeholder interviews were conducted as part of the public outreach process.  These meetings were facilitated by Mayor Devanney, Councilwoman Kingsley and Business Administrator Viana.  The following Township Boards, Committees and Departments met to discuss input for the Master Plan

  • Downtown Beautification Committee
  • Recreation Commission
  • Peppertown Park Committee
  • Berkeley Heights Business & Civic
  • Berkeley Heights Police Department
  • Environmental Commission