(08) Elite Properties Project (MONDELLI property)

Mondelli Visual


182 Plainfield Avenue - Block 614 lot 3

Total Number of Units -(Affordable Housing)

Types of Units


10 Rental Units (2 AH)
  • 5 one bedroom
  • 4 two bedroom
  • 1 three bedroom
  • Developer will build and maintain a park next to the property
  • Interior parking

Other names

Formerly known as "Vito Mondelli’s"

Draft architectural plans here

Draft Mondelli Park landscape plans here



Updated Status

January 2021
  • Footing and foundations are in; construction kicks off
November/December 2020
  • Developer applies for first round of permits, working with Building Department on applications.
July 2020
  • Township adopts resolution approving Park Maintenance Agreement.
  • Township Council adopts ordinance approving Financial Agreement (PILOT).
June 2020
  • Site Plan application to be submitted early in the month.
May 2020
  • Area in Need of Redevelopment designation approved.
  • Council approves Redevelopment Agreement and Consistency Review for the Mondelli Redevelopment Project, finding that the project plans are consistent with the Redevelopment Plan and Agreement.
  • Architectural plans and park design plans continue to be reviewed. 
  • PILOT financial agreement drafted; tentatively scheduled to be placed on June 9 Council agenda. 
March/April 2020 
  • Negotiations ongoing re: redevelopment agreement and financial agreement.
  • Negotiations ongoing over Mondelli Park maintenance.
January/February/March 2020
  • Negotiations ongoing re: redevelopment agreement and financial agreement.
  • Easement plans submitted to NJ Transit.
Fall 2019
  • Site plans submitted by developer to Township for review. 
  • Plans for Mondelli Park reviewed, negotiated between Township and Developer to ensure Vito Mondelli’s wishes are adhered to.
  • Working out easement issues regarding NJ Transit.
October 2019
  • Planning Board review of redevelopment plan.
  • Council approval of redevelopment plan on 10/29/19.
September 2019
  • Council adopts resolution referring Redevelopment Plan to the Planning Board for Review.
July 2019
  • Deemed an area in need of redevelopment