(07) Toll Brothers Luxury Townhomes

toll brothers property


110 Roosevelt Avenue - Block 1301 lot 19

Total Number of Units -(Affordable Housing)

Types of Units


67 Carriage Homes and Condos (20 AH)
  • 47 three-bedroom townhouses
  • 20 affordable-housing condos; of those:
    • 4 one-bedrooms
    • 12 one-bedrooms
    • 4 three-bedrooms
All units will be For Sale, not rentals

Other names

Formerly known as "Hamilton Avenue/Little Flower"

Note:  After Toll Brothers closed on this property in Q1 of 2021, the Township received $10.5 million from the developer to go directly toward paying off the Township’s municipal complex debt. This was part of the so-called "the swap", dating back to even 2010; this plan started with The Church of the Little Flower proposing the township "swap" the old library on Plainfield Avenue and land it is on plus a sum of money for the Little Flower Campus on Hamilton Avenue.


Documents & History



Updated Status

February 2023
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) obtained for some units
  • Construction ongoing
May 2021
  • Toll Brothers starts clearing area in preparation for demolition and build
  • Toll is removing 369 trees in preparation for build; they are replacing/replanting almost 800 in exchange. Please see links above for site plan and tree landscaping plans. 
March 2021
  • Township closes on sale of Hamilton Avenue property; receives $10.5 million to help offset cost of Municipal Complex
January 2021
  • Township Council considers Developer's Agreement at Feb. 2, 2021 meeting
  • Tentative sale closing date is toward end of February/early March
November/December 2020
  • Negotiating of Redevelopment Agreement & closing
July 2020
  • Union County Planning Board approves site plan
  • Township approves Treatment Works Approval (TWA)

April/May 2020
  • Toll Brothers seeking all governmental approvals required to commence construction of Redevelopment Project. No new timeline for closing on property. 
  • Union County Planning Board – Site Plan Application Submission
  • Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District – Response to Preliminary Review
February 2020
  • Planning Board approval Feb. 19
November 2019
  • Redevelopment Plan approved by Council and Planning Board
  • Filed Application with Planning Board
  • Public Hearing Date Pending
July 2019
  • Amended Redevelopment Plan will go to Planning Board for review and recommendations
December 2018
  • Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement, and Redevelopment Agreement