(05) Mill creek (Modera Berkeley Heights)

Berkeley Heights rendering


91 Lone Pine Drive - Block 703 lot 3, 703 lot 4, 703 lot 8

Total Number of Units -(Affordable Housing)

Types of Units


170 Rental Units (57 AH)
  • 86 one bedroom
  • 78 two bedroom
  • 12 three bedroom
Enclosed parking

Other names

Formerly known as "Spatz"



Updated Status

March/April/May 2020
  • Redeveloper, Township and Chemtrade negotiating Settlement Agt., Redevelopment Plan amendments, Redevelopment Agt. amendments, Financial Agt. amendments and Emergency Easement Agt.
  • Includes certain site plan changes to Redevelopment Project.
  • Working through Easement Agreement

Winter 2019/2020 
  • Chemtrade files lawsuit against Township and Planning Board for approval of Mill Creek.
  • Township encourages settlement talks between entities and negotiates approval of terms.
November 2019
  • Tentative Approval for Planning Board Resolution
September 2019
  • Planning Board Approval
  • Signed TWA
July 2019
  • Received consistency determination; tentatively scheduled to go before the Planning Board in September for approval
  • Need to submit to DEP for Sanitary sewer extension
  • Limited demolition to complete
  • Developer anticipates starting construction in fall 2019, upon receipt of development approvals
  • Estimated timeframe for project completion is Q4 2021
  • Area in Need of Redevelopment Plan approved
  • Executed Redevelopment Agreement
  • Executed purchase and sale agreement
  • Executed Financial Agreement
  • Planning Board approval