Senior Affairs Committee

The Senior Affairs Committee was established by Ordinance in 2021.  The committee shall:

  • Be an advisory Committee utilizing the talent and enthusiasm of volunteer residents to provide advice and support to the Township upon matters relating to aging and older adults and seniors.
  • Develop and coordinate resources and resource planning and explore appropriate solutions to issues affecting the Township's senior citizens.
  • Conduct, at its discretion, periodic survey to gain public input and to inventory and assess the adequacy of resources available for the benefit of older adults and seniors.


The Senior Affairs Committee will hold regular monthly meetings, and additional meetings as the Committee deems necessary. These meetings are not open to the public unless a specific meeting is opened to the public at the sole discretion of the Committee.

Agendas & Minutes

The committee secretary shall keep minutes of all the meetings of the Committee, which agendas, minutes and copies of official correspondence of the Committee shall be kept on file in the Township Clerk's office and posted on the Township website.


The Senior Affairs Committee will consist of the Mayor plus ten members appointed by the Mayor.  Terms will be for three calendar years.  Initial appointments will be staggered to prevent all members' terms from expiring at the same time.

  • Angie Devanney      12/31/23
  • Carolyn George       12/31/23
  • Jeanne Kingsley      12/31/23
  • Nicole Henry-Dindial MD  12/31/25
  • Debbie Conklin        12/31/25
  • Christine Bjornstad  12/31/25
  • Cathy Balsamo         12/31/23
  • TBA Park Edge Res  12/31/23
  • Tiffany Escott           12/31/23
  • Connie Dardis          12/31/23

Apply to Become a Committee Volunteer

The Township welcomes and encourages residents who have specific experience applicable to each Committee, Board and Commission to apply for available positions. Please note that there are only a few volunteer opportunities available each year as there are staggered terms for members of each Committee, Board and Commission. However, some committees are always in need of extra volunteers for various events throughout the year.

Volunteer Application