Digital Community Bulletin Board

Policy for Digital Community Bulletin Board (Electronic Sign)

The purpose of the Digital Community Bulletin Board is to promote programs of community interest relating to municipal, county or school events.  

Messages from the following individual/groups/entities are not permitted:

  • Private persons or entities
  • Businesses
  • Political Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

Township Information, events and meeting announcements take precedent over any other messages.

Requests for posting shall be directed to the Township Administrator or his/her designee.  

The Administrator or his/her designee has sole discretion with the scheduling of messages.  While every effort will be made to accommodate requests, there may be times where message display times will need to be modified due to the number of messages requested for those time periods.

The content of the message will be reviewed by the Administrator.  If the administrator or his/her designee deems the message to be inappropriate, he/she will let the applicant know.  All content is displayed at the sole discretion of the Administrator and his/her designee.

Guidelines to Request to Post:

  • Requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks before preferred dates of display
  • The maximum duration for a post is 2 weeks.  Posts will be removed after the event takes place. 
  • Requests must be for upcoming events, not information about past events.
  • Request must contain the following information: 
    • Full Name of Organization
    • Date, time and place of event
    • Contact name
    • Contact email
    • Contact phone number

Submit a Request to Post to Digital Community Bulletin Board

Complete an online form to submit a request to post to the Digital Community Bulletin Board.